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Odchodząc od NIE. Negocjowanie od konfrontacji do kooperacji

William Ury
ISBN: 978-83-208-2091-1
Pages: 194
Publication date: 2014
Place publication: Warszawa
Publication: II
Binding: paperback
Format: A5
Translation: Robert A. Rządca
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Getting past NO shows how to overcome obstacles in negotiation in order to achieve success. What William Ury, a co-author of Getting to YES, proposes is a simple and verifiable method of dissolving disputes with difficult partners in family and friends circles, collaborators, contractors or customers.

Getting past NO teaches how to:
- reduce the influence of emotions upon negotiations,
- find common grounds in any dispute with an opponent,
- communicate one’s own interests in order to pursue the same,
- effectively apply various techniques of negotiation,
- apply force in order to achieve agreement,
- refrain from aiming at total win in negotiation.


Spis treści


Przedmowa do wydania polskiego






I. Przygotowanie


1. Omówienie: Przełamywanie barier współpracy


2. Prolog: Przygotuj się, przygotuj się, przygotuj się


II. Stosowanie strategii przełamania


1. Nie reaguj: Idź na galerię


2. Nie spieraj się: Przejdź na ich stronę


3. Nie odrzucaj: Przekształć


4. Nie naciskaj: Zbuduj im złoty most


5. Nie eskaluj: Użyj siły, aby edukować


III. Przekształcenie wrogów w przyjaciół


1. Wniosek: Przekształcenie wrogów w przyjaciół


Załącznik: Arkusz przygotowania


Analityczny spis treści


O Autorze

William Ury

Expert in negotiation and conflict solving; taught in Harvard Business School, trains managing staff, trade union leaders, diplomats and military officers. The list of companies commissioning his services includes AT&T, IBM, American Express, Department of State, and Pentagon. Worked as mediator in business, solving labor and international disputes. As the Director of the Nuclear Negotiation Project in Harvard Law School he wrote: Beyond the Hotline: Crisis Control Can Prevent Nuclear War. Former consultant of the White House at establishment of nuclear risk reduction centers Washington and Moscow. Also, for 5 years one of Directors of the Avoiding Nuclear War Project in Harvard's John Kennedy School of Government.

William Ury graduated from Yale University, and then from M.A. studies in Harvard University where he received his doctoral degree.

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