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Dr Jarosław Świda
ORCID: 0000-0002-0917-7289

Doctor of Economics. Assistant professor at the Department of Product Packaging at the Institute of Quality Sciences and Product Management at the Cracow University of Economics. A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics. Author of several dozen scientific publications in the field of commodity science, marketing and management. Scientific interests focus on the problems of consumer behavior on the market, in particular elderly consumers.

DOI: 10.33226/1231-7853.2023.5.3
JEL: M31

The aim of the article is to try to get to know the opinions of senior consumers about the ecological features of food product packaging. by older consumers. The article presents the reasons for the special requirements of older consumers towards packaging resulting from the development of the market and the aging of the society. Selected results of research on the knowledge of older consumers' opinions on the ecological features of packaging were also presented. The analysis of the results of research carried out using questionnaire methods and an individual interview allowed to determine the attitude of older consumers to the ecological features of food product packaging. The results of the conducted surveys indicated that environmental performance is the most important feature of food packaging for older consumers, and it is more important for women than for men. The types of packaging of selected food products preferred by the surveyed consumers are more often glass and paper packaging than plastic packaging. However, the results of interviews conducted among consumers indicated that older consumers prefer packaging that is convenient to use or easier to open than ecological packaging during use.

Keywords: packaging; opinions; packaging features; ecology